Hunting with a Camera

Just had an interesting thought as I stared at a photo of a flying goose I shot last autumn that my husband printed and framed and had on a table in the nook of our kitchen.  I walked away with the goose in my mind.  

I began remembering that day.  I had gone into the woods on a foggy day and took a series of surreal photos of the woods and whatever wildlife I could capture.  

On my way out from the woods, on the path back toward my car, I saw the landscape covered with geese as I often do.  But right away I saw something unusual in the crowd- there was a white-headed goose while all the other Canadian Geese's head were black.

I immediately started tweaking the settings on my camera getting ready to keep up with the goose, and somehow- that goose knew it!  He must always attract attention because as I made my way closer, none of the other geese really ran but he started heading out- running.  I began snapping him with the camera, panning him as he ran and then jumped up and made flight.  He flew a wide circle around me that I managed to catch and flew off.  

And I started thinking about how I get to hunt in a way- but instead of a rifle, or other, I'm using a camera and documenting the creature in its own habitat, and leaving it be.  As a matter of fact, we feel privileged when we do encounter creatures that we are able to photograph.  I know I do.  I think- wow, that was cool to see.

Winter Neighborhood

It was hard for me to go out and even take pictures of the snow.  The last time I walked around and took these kinds of images, I had a very sentimental, memorable night with my "pack".  Unfortunately, I lost a special pack member this past December- Cortez, my chocolate Rat Terrier.  He was 14 and had been diagnosed diabetic about 2 years earlier.  Snow reminds me of him because he loved it and it brings me back to that night.  Back in 2012, during a blizzard, the other dogs thought I was crazy to put their leashes and coats on to go for a walk (gentle wind, it was not harsh even though it was technically a blizzard)- Cortez was ecstatic.  We all went for a stroll just around the neighborhood and he was so eager and enthusiastic, pulling ahead- no, charging ahead.  Back near home, we had to sort of climb over some snow to get back on our sidewalk- so we made it over and then back up the walk and into the house.  When I opened the door and we came back inside, he let out this SOUND that told me it was one of the best experiences of his life.  He sort of howled and yelled his joy.  So I can't walk through the snow taking pictures without dwelling on that night.  I almost didn't want to go because it was without him this time.


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My first Blog Entry for my new Blog!

I haven't had a traditional blog since 2012.  I had a blog going for 6 years at one time- beginning in 2006 and running until 2012.  When Facebook came out and other social media, and I needed these things to be updated as well, it became overwhelming to keep up with it all.  Especially because I'm not the greatest fan of Wordpress, which was the blogging software for my blog.  I used Wordpress, and I currently deal with Wordpress for a client.  I find it cumbersome, tedious, and sometimes frustrating, for me.  People love it like crazy but I don't click with it.  I found that I looked forward to my Facebook posts and dreaded the blog, so I archived it in 2012 and posted the latest on Facebook.  It was so much more interactive and fun.

Now we are heading into 2014 and I've gone a year and some months with no blog.  Well, I miss being able to showcase and present work that I've done, especially the variety of what I'm doing, because I'm doing a little of everything, including some personal projects that I'd love to share.  So, I decided to give Squarespace a try.  So far, it seems great and easy, as if I might be able to enjoy creating posts.

So, here it is- my new blog starting in 2014.