My first Blog Entry for my new Blog!

I haven't had a traditional blog since 2012.  I had a blog going for 6 years at one time- beginning in 2006 and running until 2012.  When Facebook came out and other social media, and I needed these things to be updated as well, it became overwhelming to keep up with it all.  Especially because I'm not the greatest fan of Wordpress, which was the blogging software for my blog.  I used Wordpress, and I currently deal with Wordpress for a client.  I find it cumbersome, tedious, and sometimes frustrating, for me.  People love it like crazy but I don't click with it.  I found that I looked forward to my Facebook posts and dreaded the blog, so I archived it in 2012 and posted the latest on Facebook.  It was so much more interactive and fun.

Now we are heading into 2014 and I've gone a year and some months with no blog.  Well, I miss being able to showcase and present work that I've done, especially the variety of what I'm doing, because I'm doing a little of everything, including some personal projects that I'd love to share.  So, I decided to give Squarespace a try.  So far, it seems great and easy, as if I might be able to enjoy creating posts.

So, here it is- my new blog starting in 2014.